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Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Your affectionate Aquarius pet thrives on human touch as well as the caresses and strokes of other familiar animals on Monday. They have a wonderful capacity to be around large numbers of creatures and feel totally at peace within themselves. A little hypochondria may be observed in your Aquarius pet midweek. They may be limping, scratching or fussing with themselves to distraction. Check them over and make sure there's not something serious going on. Your Aquarius pet's health has a lot to do with your verbal connection to them. Schmooze it up with your little Water Bearer. They relax and are rejuvenated by your direct contact with them.

Pisces Feb. 19-March 18 Music is of great solace to Pisces pets as the week unfolds. They appreciate a good melodic line and a bit of a beat. Mozart, salsa or a nice samba really gets those Pisces paws tapping. Other household pets may perturb your often indolent Pisces, who would rather zone out midweek than deal with conflict. They don't like competing with other animals for affection, food or a place in the sun. Not wanting to show you their snappish side, they shrink from all contact over the weekend, although deep down they want to be of service. You can motivate them by encouraging participation and giving them lots of loving affection.

Aries March 19-April 18 The energetic Aries pet, ruled by Mars, planet of hard work and accomplishment is quick to pounce on Monday. It they see something they want, they go for it. Midweek their emotions take over and they may overreact to the slightest provocation. Move their water bowl and you'll hear about it. Bold and adventurous on Friday and Saturday, your freedom-loving Aries pet will need a lot of space to romp and play. If your pet doesn't get the proper amount of attention on Sunday, they will be quite vocal and persistent about getting it. After all, they have done their part and given you unconditional love, now it's your turn to reciprocate.

Taurus April 19-May 18 Often languorous, your Taurus pet is more lively than usual on Monday, but is back to being a couch potato by Tuesday. When they do open their eyes it will be to give you a look of pure devotion or to sing your praises. Taurus pets are known for the song-like vocal qualities to their arfs, meows, howls or squeaks. On Friday or Saturday they assume an aloofness that borders on pretension. Underneath it all, an insecurity might be lurking. Someone has possibly ticked them off and they are trying to rise above it all and it's taking all the energy they can muster. Sunday, your attractive Taurus pet could win a beauty contest. All they really want is to win your heart.

Gemini May 20-June 19 Your gregarious Gemini pet goes from person to person on Monday, seizing every opportunity to spread their bounty of good cheer. Feeling a bit possessive midweek, your Gems may stay close to your side. They might just be picking up on your money fears and want to give you some moral support. A housebound Gemini pet is a moody, unhappy animal. Gems are ruled by Mercury and are quick thinking, agile and adventurous. Make sure your kitty can have access to a yard and your pooch gets a good run over the weekend. Whatever complaints Gem pets may have are ameliorated by vigorous exercise.

Cancer June 20-July 21 Usually interested in basic survival, your Cancer pets branch out on Monday. They want to know what's going on and are more curious and more curious. They are surprisingly assertive through Thursday and won't take 'no' for an answer. Guided by the Moon, your Cancer pet is a major love and comfort addict. They like it when you consider them as part of the family and meet their exacting needs for specific foods and attention. Tend to the grooming of your Cancer pet on Sunday. They will be characteristically receptive to brushing, toenail clippings and baths

Leo July 22-August 21 If you are meditating or having a brainstorming session on Monday, include your Leo pet in on it. Their energy alone could spark some great ideas. Refrain from any scolding on Tuesday through Thursday as your Lions may be very sensitive to harsh words. Leo pets love to be honored for the majestic creatures they are. Dote on them shamelessly Friday and Saturday. Their effervescent nature really bubbles. If your kitty brings in a mouse or bird, they are showing you their worth and prowess, so try to load on the praise. Your Leo pooch may attract a lot of attention as the top dog in the park or on the playground. A subdued Sunday may find your Leo pet more introverted than usual. A little R and R will do them good.

Virgo Aug. 22-Sept. 21 Regularity is the name of the game for your Virgo pet on Monday, so synchronize your watches. Stay on schedule because any little disturbance or surprise could throw your Virgin into a tizzy. Tuesday through Thursday your pet's social calendar needs to be chock full o' friends, but make sure they are the right kind. It's no secret who your Virgo pets take a liking to and who they avoid. Any guests overstaying their welcome on Friday or Saturday may get a reprimand from your Virgo, whose circuits may be overloaded by all the hoopla. The philanthropic side of your pet comes out on Sunday. They are grateful for a chance to pep you up, though they might spend most of the day dusting the furniture.

Libra Sept. 22-Oct. 21 On Monday, the young and the restless Libra pet will enjoy slumming around with a compatible creature. With Venus prevailing, your Libra pets have a decidedly feminine bent. They might not care to fix the toilet, and have been known to clog it up on occasion, but if you need a shoulder to cry on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, they are great listeners. Your Libra pet instinctively knows what's on your mind; it's uncanny how perceptive they can be. A Libra pet is a regal animal, emanating poise and elegance. Observe over the weekend how they walk with dignity and confidence, and maybe these attributes will rub off on you.

Scorpio Oct. 22-Nov. 20 Your well-balanced Scorpio pet is very comfortable living in a big family, though on Monday they might play favorites. It's funny how they sometimes gravitate to the one who isn't that keen on pets, but Scorpio likes to play the odds. They might try to gain the affection of the grumpiest person in the family out of boredom. With their charm and sly persuasion on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, they often get what they want. It's far healthier for your Scorpio to have to suffer delayed gratification. Getting everything they want Friday or Saturday will just spoil them and make them ornery when they are disciplined. On Sunday your Scorpio pet plays by the rules. They are good as gold, and even helpful if called into service.

Sagittarius Nov. 21-Dec. 20 Your Sagittarius pet is active and demanding at the beginning of the week. They may bay and wail just to hear themselves talk, but they don't really have that much to say. A little moody through Thursday, your Sag pet is up for adventure on Friday or Saturday. Your Sag cat is one of the few cats of the Zodiac who will allow you to put on a collar and a leash. They actually enjoy a nice jaunt around the block every once in a while. Sag pooches are great travelers as well. You can even dress them up and take them out. A ribbon or raincoat doesn't faze them.

Capricorn Dec. 21-Jan. 19 The sober Capricorn pet wants you to take them seriously. On Monday they will not tolerate any jesting or joking on your part. They will appreciate a change of scene on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, especially if it falls within their regular routine. Brighten up your kitty's spot with a new bed or your pooch's neck with a new collar. On Friday and Saturday your mature Cap pets may act like old geezers. Nothing seems to please them and they are very demanding. Treat their peevish dispositions like you would a physical illness, with care and patience, and their hidden sweetness will emerge.

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